Spearmint sugar-free xylitol hard candies from Dr Johns


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4oz (110g) bag contains approximately 24 sweets.

Spearmint xylitol sugar-free hard candies are our latest addition from Dr Johns. Recognising that we all enjoy a sweet treat this US company, started by a dentist and hygienist husband and wife team has developed low calorie,  healthy sweets for teeth!  What’s not to love? Great  for weight control and healthy smiles!

Half gram of Xylitol in each piece freshens breath, helps with dry mouth and tooth decay prevention.

Snappy Spearmint Hard Candies

INGREDIENTS Isomalt , Dextrin (dietary fiber) , Xylitol , Natural Spearmint Oil , Titanium Dioxide (color) , Fruit Juice Concentrate , Natural Flavor . 

Gluten free, kosher(Pareve).  Made in a nut free facility.

Check out our who what where when and why of Dr Johns xylitol sugar free treats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_URirUkrshU

For hints and tips on oral health https://www.growingsmiles.co.uk/healthy-tips/


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