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Growing Smiles

Back to School with Growing Smiles

Back to School

Uniform bought? Tick

School bag selected? Tick

Lunch box open and ready to fill? What do you put in it? What will they eat? What will be easy to make and reasonable to buy?

You want your children to be healthy and happy. I’ve yet to see anyone put dental treatment on the top of their wish list, so how can you help create that super smile for the school photos?

Break time snacks are often a bone of contention! Between meals, ...

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Easter Eggs?

If you have been counting the days until the chocolate eggs can finally be broken into and eaten at an alarming rate save a thought for your own and your family’s teeth? Without them you might find Easter slightly less satisfying! Teeth are key to eating, speaking and appearance -nothing new there but pause for thought? Teeth? Often we only reflect on their role in our lives when they aren’t doing what they are meant to and hindsight becomes wishful ...

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Growing smiles asks “How kissable are you?”

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar is sweet

Pity your smile doesn’t match the rest of you!  🙁 Ouch!

Is love in the air?

A clean and healthy smile can attract the love of your life and is key to a healthy heart. When judging a potential date, both men and women rate teeth at the top. Nice teeth score higher than hair and clothes. So this Valentine’s Day take time to spruce up that smile and make it worth kissing!

Leaning in ...

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New Year’s Resolution – be resolute in your resolution!

A New year’s resolution is defined as a commitment that an individual makes on New Year’s Day – why not this year make a commitment to improve your oral and dental health? Growing smiles (GS) will help!

The word resolution may refer to a number of things depending on its context. The term used in medicine means the subsiding or termination of an abnormal condition e.g. inflammation; in physics and chemistry resolution refers to the act or process of separating or ...

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Growing Smiles News December 2014

Smiles for Christmas 2014

Christmas is a busy time with extra long ‘to do’ lists, travel, parties and all that comes with the festive season. Family and friend’s presence (or absence) can add another stressful dimension to this time of year. Spare a thought for your mouth as festive eating and drinking could be putting your mouth at risk. Constant snacking, drinking and eating sugary foods and drinks over Christmas can make the holiday period a miserable time for teeth.

Sugar-filled mince ...

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